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How to Play:

Loot n Scoot


3 Adventurers sneak their way into a dungeon to steal treasure from an evil vampire lord.


- The 3 Adventurers must collect as much loot as possible to escape the dungeon. Together they can beat the vampire lord, but ultimately there is one winner. He who has the most gold is the champion.

- The Vampire Lord is actively trying to stop the Adventurers from stealing his treasures. If he can stop them from stealing enough loot to leave his dungeon in time, then they are trapped and he is the champion.

How to get loot:

- collect small amount of loot by demolishing crates/barrels and killing skeletons.

- carry treasure chests back to your spawn point to acquire large amounts of loot.


- WASD to move around

- LMB to attack

- Press E to pick up and drop treasure chests.

The Vampire Lord has two extra abilities:

- SPACE to blink (move around the dungeon faster)

- RMB to summon minions

Along with these abilities, the Vampire Lord can control several skeleton minions at a time using voice commands:

- Follow, come here, to me, to create a minion horde

- Defend, stay, guard, to have the minions guard a specified area

- Roam, wander, fuck off, scatter, to dispel your minion horde

Skeletons randomly spawn throughout the dungeon, but more will spawn from crypts. Destroy them to stop as many from spawning.


Loot n scoot voice (1).7z 143 MB

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